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"In my own words"

How're you doing? This is Willie P. Richardson, "The Phone Prankster." I appreciate you visiting my web page. My compact disks and cassettes contain recordings of some of the funniest real phone calls you ever heard in your life. Now, they're what you might call "politically incorrect," but they're all clean..No cursing or anything dirty.. You can play these for your kids, your mom, even your preacher! You can hear or read about my autobiography, what DJs and fans think about me, you can send a free Willie postcard to someone..they're really funny!...You can even listen to some of my calls...And, you can order my CDs, cassettes, autographed pictures and videos online. Also, if you have a business and you use radio advertising, we can write and record some very funny and effective commercials for you! Thanks again for visiting! I hope you enjoy my World Wide Willie page and my crazy phone calls!

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